Here I am on Day 8 of the Whole30.  I bet you expect me to say how I feel like a million bucks and am so excited how my body is feeling… blah, blah, blah.

The truth, yes, I am sleeping better, I am less irritable in general, and I have a bit more energy to get me through the day.  But it’s not all glitter and rainbows.  I just completed my first cheat-free weekend since I can remember (maybe 2+ years), and all I can think about is candy corn, cinnamon buns, and pumpkin spice lattes!  I am realizing that my psychological mental processing on food is a big issue.  I made it through the weekdays pretty well.  I found a kombucha that is Whole30 compliant.  (Sorry LIVE Soda; see you in November.)  I have been eating a TON of food.  I know the Hartwig’s recommend sticking to 3 meals a day.  But, my time in the gym and the kiddo’s continued breast feeding requires more calories than I can put down in a meal.  My metabolism is on over-drive, and while I am not doing this for aesthetic reasons, I have lost a little fluff around the edges.  I don’t have a scale, so there is no way to tell what my weight is doing.  Besides, one of the rules for the 30 days is no weigh-ins.

The first few days were magical.  I quickly realized where I had been faultering on almost every meal or snack for the past year or so.  I cleaned up the eats, and was feeling pretty good.  I could literally feel my body soaking up every nutrient dense morsel I consumed to heal my gut and my hormones.  I was sleeping, hard.  I was still getting in some good work at the gym.  I was motivated and feeling like a champ.  Then the weekend came.

I am a big advocate for substitutions over sacrifice.  The inability to have that psychological break makes this challenge more difficult for me than any other I have done.  We are not to recreate any paleo version of any treat.  Banana and egg pancakes- nope.  Sweet potato fries- forget it.  I can’t even have my coveted Must B Nutty almond flour tortillas until this is over.  My post-workout protein shakes- no sir!  NorCal margaritas- absolutely not.

We went to my friend’s going away party on Saturday.  The no booze rule didn’t bother me much.  The Topo Chico and lime was just fine.  AJ and I went on a date after, and instead of getting an early dinner sans kiddos, we went people-watching and shopping on South Congress.  We considered grabbing some food, but I didn’t want to deal with the mass inquiry to see if they cooked anything in butter, or if I could get it without cheese, or if there were any gluten or grains, or any other annoying questions I would dish out in what I call the “Whole30 stump the waiter game”.  Instead, we came home and I cooked up more bison meat with zucchini and carrots while the boys ate pizza.  (Insert eye roll here)

Sunday we went to a double kid birthday party.  They both turned 8, and one of the moms made a double bundt cake from scratch.  I’m sure she saw this on Pinterest.  If not, she needs to post it.  She had these beautiful mounds of cake positioned into a perfect 8 and then meticulously placed a rainbow of M&M’s all over her creation.  Under usual circumstances, I would have indulged in her sweet labor as my “cheat”, but would probably pick off most of the GMO and artificial color saturated chocolates.  Yesterday, I wanted to smash my face in all the glorious sweetness until my belly screamed for relief.  I didn’t even take a picture because I couldn’t handle the torture.  I instead sat meekly at the table thinking of how it would only give me a massive stomach cramp within 20 minutes.  I may not have succumbed, but I sure as hell didn’t feel the sweet victory in my self-control either.

On the drive home, we ordered Chuy’s for dinner.  Guess what, they marinate their fajita meat in Shiner for 24 hours.  I actually called them back after I ordered to add a side of roasted chicken so I could eat something.  The four of us sat at the dinner table immersed in the aroma of hand made tortillas and spicy Tex-Mex deliciousness.  The boys indulged while mom had a salad with roasted chicken and salsa on top. (lulz)  Later that night, I saw a commercial for Denny’s pumpkin pancakes.  I normally cringe at the idea of bleached flour, HFC, GMO-shit storm food.  But, last night was different.  Last night, I WANTED THOSE PANCAKES!!!  Instead of breaking into the box of Udi’s gluten-free maple pecan chocolate chip cookies mocking me in the pantry, I brewed up some chamomile ginger tea and feeling ever so devious, added cacao butter (no chocolate, just the fat).  It may or may not classify as SWYPO, but at that point, I really didn’t give a shit.

Why have I not just given up?  A few reasons.

1. I am stubborn.  If I start something, I finish it.

2. I am tired of being tired and irritable all the time.  I want my hormones recharged more than that M&M bundt cake.

3. I am facilitating a group of awesome peeps also taking on the challenge.  Can’t let ’em down.  Join us!

4. I am considering adding this protocol to my bag of tricks for clients.  I can’t ask them to do something I haven’t done for myself.

Now that I got my rant out, let’s bring it back to the optimistic side.  Here’s how I managed through a bulk of Week 1.  I found myself at the stove much more often to cook up some protein and vegetables for meals 2 & 3.  The Hartwig’s prefer us not to use conventional terms for meals.  Instead of breakfast, it’s meal 1, lunch is meal 2, dinner is meal 3.  (I think I went up to meal 5 on some days, or at least had some pretty substantial snacks.)   Here are some meals that I prepared last week:

Meal 1

3 eggs cooked in ghee with 2 TBS baba ganoush on a bed of mixed super greens

Meal 2

pan fried ground bison with chopped zucchini

curried chicken tenders and a garden salad loaded with veggies and topped with Go Raw spicy seed mix (EVOO and red wine vinegar as a dressing)

Meal 3

roasted chicken breast and homemade pumpkin/potato soup with a glass of GT’s kombucha

baked salmon and squash sauteed in ghee



Sprouted almonds and walnuts

apple with cashew and almond butter

Lamb or Turkey Epic Bar

can of tuna and smashed Asian yams/sweet potatoes— Post-workout recovery


Onward and Upward to Week 2!

Best in Health,