“Being present for myself has been difficult as a Veteran with PTSD/TBI. Being mindful and allowing the process to follow “SER” has allowed me to be comfortable in my thoughts and my body, many steps closer to feeling Honor once again for the service I did. Suffering,anger,pain is being met and recognized with out judgement,my curiosity guides me to healing. This is a very easy step in being honest with myself and my suffering. Which I allowed healing to manifest itself in my body through “SER”. Those seeking recovery do so without judgement of any sort. Be Mindful meet your pain with curiosity and know that you are not alone…”- M.V., SPC, US Army, OIF veteran

“I’m better off today than what I was yesterday and 6 weeks ago. I don’t feel as ‘unbalanced’ all around as I previously experienced… The weekly structured sessions of reviewing our logs was / is super beneficial.” – Rho R.

“This program allowed me to focus on the one person I neglect the most: myself… I feel more in control of my health and able to prioritize my world to include taking care of my body and mind.” -Autumn F.


“Liz is a GREAT resource & exactly the ‘right’ person I needed to help me on this journey.” -Ashleigh P., mother to 11-month old