The Summer Sizzle Seminar Series (S4)

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I am so excited to offer a seminar series out of my new office location! The first in the S4 series is Hormone Balancing 101. Here are the details: $10 entry fee will automatically submit you for a drawing for a FREE bottle of Young Living Essential Oils​.     WHO: You! WHAT: Learn the basics of leveling out your body’s hormones with food, supplements, essential oils, breathing, and movement. This is an ideal introductory class for: new moms, athletes seeking to improve performance, anyone looking to shed a few pounds, those interested in holistic wellness and disease prevention. WHERE: 3008 Bee Caves Rd, ATX 78746 WHEN: 6/14 at 3pm RSVP: to me at or on the FB event page HERE   Wishing you best in...

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What it takes to compete elite…. (with a twist)

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Two years into my CrossFit journey I thought I had tried everything to get my PR’s.  I was eating strict paleo and during the 2011 Sectionals, finally succumbed to The Zone.  I had read article after article revealing the amazing body transformations and gained strength from elite nutrition.  I was leaner and faster, but my strength was still lacking.  I asked Lisa Bender Thiel what she was taking after she came in 3rd at the 2011 South Central Regionals.  “Crack,” she replied.  I had watched her the previous year get stuck on her head at Regionals and wanted to try whatever she had done to improve.  After the 2011 CF Regionals, Bigg Dave put me on his Meathead Maddness strength building protocol.  Some of the other CFCP competitors were put on the same plan.  We were his pilot study for his exclusive SuperStrong program.  I was motivated, disciplined, and ready to become a freak.  After 12 weeks, my PR’s were hardly more than a five pound gain.  Granted I could throw medium-to-heavy weight better, I still wasn’t experiencing that amazing breakthrough.  Frustrated and feeling defeated, I finally decided to add Advocare supplements. No shit, the first time I took Catalyst, I did my first strict hand stand push ups (two in a row!).  Things got better for a little bit.  I was definitely feeling stronger.  My body eventually became accustomed to the supplements, and I needed to increase.  I finally started seeing real gains when, won’t you believe it, I was on a $200 a month supplement regimen.  That’s right.  Despite years of hard work, it wasn’t until I started throwing down on pills and shakes that I saw the results I wanted.  I was very excited to get the big girl weights over my head.  But, I was also pissed off and irritated.  That’s the secret?!  Timing Muscle Strength, Catalyst, coconut oil, SFH recovery protein, SFH Super Omega-3 Oil, Muscle Gain and Nighttime Recovery= Elite CrossFitter?!?!  I could have started on this stuff three years ago and not gone through the agony of years of intense training with limited results.  At the same time, there was some serious value in watching my gains come so fast after so many years of struggle.  I no longer feel that the “elite” are blessed with mutant strength and wicked skills.  Most of them have mastered the chemistry of supplements.  So for those of you out there who are so awe-struck and inspired by watching the elite, give Advocare a try.  You may find what you’ve been looking for. Enter Irony, stage left.  The 2012 CrossFit Cedar Park team was ready to take on Regionals and kick some ass.  Our team was...

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Cheat Week?

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The day before South Central CF Regionals, I went on a rant about food. “As soon as this is over, I’m getting donuts! I’m all about Chuy’s queso compuesto on Sunday! I want pizza!” I decided that after months of dedication to Zone/Paleo, not only for training, but also enduring Tara’s 8-week Healthy Body Challenge, I deserved a week off. I am permitting myself to eat and drink ANYTHING I want. Queso, bread, gelato, cake, potatoes au gratin, martini; you get the picture. I’ve indulged a bit over the past few days, and of course, feel like crap. I am naturally going back to Zone/Paleo, not because of dedication to training, but because I don’t like how I feel when I eat foods that my body is not meant to digest. Last night, I had some gelato with chocolate cake THEN ate some naan with my red curry chicken at Whip In, an Austin favorite boasting fantastic South Asian food at one of the best stocked markets in the city (they even have goat milk ice cream in a variety of flavors). My stomach ached well after I woke up this morning. I couldn’t wait to eat my breakfast of 3 eggs, spinach, and sliced cucumber to put me back into a happy Zone. I noticed last night that I had eaten too many carbohydrates when I became irritable and felt uncomfortable in my skin. I grabbed some ham and goat cheese and almost immediately felt better. It made me think about my friends in middle school telling me I had a bad attitude. Little did we know, I should have put down the Little Debbie snack cakes and eaten more meat. *Note to parents- Give your kids some protein with that sugary snack and it will make a HUGE difference in behavior*Here’s the quick down and dirty about how Zone works. There is much more beyond this simple explanation, but this is the short short version. *Your brain works off the glucose in your blood. Glucose is supplied by eating carbohydrates (vegetables, fruit, grains & legumes (ew)). Insulin’s job is glucose regulation. Insulin takes excess glucose from your blood and stores it as glycogen in your liver (60-90g), muscles (300-400g), and then adipose tissue-yes FAT (all excess). High glycemic foods (rice cakes are the worst of them) cause an immediate insulin response, rushing glucose OUT of your blood stream; thus unavailable for brain function. Common results are fatigue, irritibility, lack of concentration, confusion, and perceived “hunger”. Glucagon converts glycogen into glucose and releases it back into your bloodstream (thus your brain can work). Glucagon is released by consuming protein. By eating proper proportions of carbohydrates and protein, you...

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Freedom in Structure?

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Week 1 following Zone/Paleo is done. I have been following a 12-block plan (3-1-3-1-3-1) with one cheat meal with the girls last Wednesday. The results? I’m leaner. I’m stronger. I’m thinking clearer and have more energy. Walking through the hall at work this morning, one of my co-workers asked me, “Are you losing MORE weight?” I explained to her that I’m still eating a lot of food, just regulating portions and balancing each meal with fats, proteins, and carbohydrates. 12 Blocks really is substantial; especially if you’re like me and don’t eat grains or dairy. I have resisted the Zone for 2 years. Just thinking about it used to almost bring me to tears. I hated the idea of being regulated. My biggest fear was not getting enough food, and having to “gut out” feeling half-starved. Being Paleo for almost a year was a big help. Most people who Zone say that the first two weeks are the worst from getting over carb cravings for bread and pasta. Since, I’m already way beyond that stage, I’m not having those issues. I told my friend Tara, the brilliant author of, that her 6-week Healthy Girl Challenge (HGC) this year was my gateway drug to Zone. The HGC required measuring vegetables, sweets, fried and fast food. Through that, I overcame my fear of portioning. It also helps that I have a thorough knowledge foundation of nutrition. I have been studying nutrition for years, and have gone from Raw Vegan in 2007 to where I am now with lots of independent research. This past week I realized that one of my biggest struggles with nutrition has been portioning. Especially with amping up my training, I always wondered if I was getting enough, too much, or lacking in fuel. The Zone has answered that question. I eat my meal or snack. If I’m still hungry or get hungry within an hour, I drink more water. If I’m still feeling weak, I’ll let myself have a couple of nuts. If I go over on portions, it’s normally with an extra block or 2 of good fat. I wait at least 2 hours after a 3-block meal to have a 1-block snack. I’m also having a lot more fun experimenting with the food blocks. I’m venturing out of my normal eggs and spinach for breakfast, kale with avocado and bison for lunch habit. Today’s breakfast was 3 blocks of grass fed ground beef, 2 blocks of red cabbage, and 1-2 blocks of coconut oil seasoned with garlic, Himalayan salt, and a splash of liquid aminos. I let myself put some honey and coconut creamer in my coffee to make up for the remaining carbohydrate...

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Don’t Do This Alone

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My vacation was a perfect reset. I returned to sunny and warm Austin ready to take on all the new challenges in my path. There will be a lot of changes in the next year, but I’ll tackle each as it comes to me. My first challenge is CrossFit Sectionals. I’ve been training hard, eating mostly Paleo, and making a few sacrifices for awhile. I’ve been “so close” on my muscle ups since August, struggling with necessary strength gain, and dealing with a considerable amount of personal stress. Excuses, excuses, excuses. Monday was my wake-up call. I have to give some serious recognition to Rochelle Vance. I first met Ro last fall at CrossFit Cedar Park. She was athletic, naturally beautiful as well as strong, and determined to kick some ass. For the first few months training together, I lifted more faster while she learned skill and technique. She quickly caught up to me. Ro has been following a strict Zone eating plan for a couple months. The last time we worked out together (about a month ago), she got me on the strength. Monday, on the double lady WOD, she didn’t just PR, she CRUSHED them with a sub-5 minute Annie and a sub-3 minute Grace. I am more than inspired. I am determined to be like Ro. I’m a little far from the 365# deadlift, but I’m not using anymore excuses. With Sectionals lasting 6 weeks, I can still improve. So, I started Zoning as well as staying Paleo. This is taking some adjusting, but I’ve been loosely following the guidelines for some time now. The difference this time, is to track everything. If I want a cocktail, I Zone it. I want to add extra Fat blocks. Last night I woke up at 2am STARVING. I ate a few walnuts to go back to sleep. Another motivation presented itself to me today. One of my co-workers is trying to lose the rest of her baby weight (she has a gorgeous 5 month old girl) in order to get a promotion. In the military, promotions are not only based on merit and ability, they also depend upon physical fitness. She is my personal project, and I decided that I cannot instruct her to Zone if I don’t do it myself. We’re in it together, and I don’t want to let her down. If you are interested in going Zone, check out this awesome guide. In addition, Nicole Carroll, one of the original bad ass women of CrossFit, shares a great testimony on her Zone experience....

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Thank you, Kate Rawlings for posting a very personal, very genuine, and very honest blog yesterday about your issues with body image. See link below. Her experience where the Zone Diet began to dictate her life confirmed my deepest fears. My coach, Dave, continues to encourage me to Zone, but I am still very wary of: 1. OCD taking over and I become a nutcase. 2. Losing all enjoyment of food and becoming one of those annoying people who eat the exact same thing because it’s not worth the hassle of figuring out a different meal. Or, even worse, become like Kate and get so meticulous with portion sizes, I refuse to share even 1 grape from my lunch. 3. Possibly developing an eating disorder or getting over obsessed with just how lean I can get. The food obsession with the CrossFit community is a movement towards holistic health. Why do we put pictures of our food on Facebook? Why do we have blogs entirely devoted to nothing but food? Because we are trying to show how we fuel our bodies. Do I really care what the elite CrossFitters are eating for breakfast? Absolutely! If I’m ever going to be at their level, I need to know what works. Food and rest are the best methods of recovering from the massive beatings we subject our bodies to at each WOD. For those of you who just want to lose some flab, and flaunt a firmer tush, this works for you, too! This is my declaration, Dave, I respect you, I honor you as a coach, but I will not Zone. I will not even try it for 2 weeks. I will become a monster. What I am doing, is applying Zone principles to my already mostly-Paleo diet. I’ve read through the charts, and I have a general idea of food “blocks”. I’m keeping my food intake relatively balanced between protein, fats, and carbohydrates at each meal. I get 85%-ish of carbohydrates from vegetables and do not eat bread, pasta, grains, or any other gut-destroying energy source. I try to eat 10-12 “unmeasured” blocks a day, and will allow myself to eat more fat and less carbohydrates. Instead of eating a huge handful of almonds, I’ll eat 5 or 6. I did have some tortilla chips the other night with a margarita, but that was my cheat meal. After looking at the charts, I realized my sugar intake was too high. It was mostly from putting honey in my coffee, and eating way too much fruit. I’m on week 4 of the Healthy Girl Challenge, and have been substituting vegetables for fruit to get more points. I have started...

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