The Summer Sizzle Seminar Series (S4)

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I am so excited to offer a seminar series out of my new office location! The first in the S4 series is Hormone Balancing 101. Here are the details: $10 entry fee will automatically submit you for a drawing for a FREE bottle of Young Living Essential Oils​.     WHO: You! WHAT: Learn the basics of leveling out your body’s hormones with food, supplements, essential oils, breathing, and movement. This is an ideal introductory class for: new moms, athletes seeking to improve performance, anyone looking to shed a few pounds, those interested in holistic wellness and disease prevention. WHERE: 3008 Bee Caves Rd, ATX 78746 WHEN: 6/14 at 3pm RSVP: to me at or on the FB event page HERE   Wishing you best in...

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The Hips Don’t Lie

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We learned in massage school that emotions are held and stored in our bodies.  Experiences, stress, fear, anger, anxiety, can get bundled up into a tight little ball and lock themselves in various places in our muscles.   Joints are sneaky places for them to hide, especially in our hips and pelvic region.  This can lead to all sorts of misalignments, aches, pains, stiffness (hello neck and shoulder issues!), and if not properly addressed, become bigger issues. I have some long-lasting tweaks from life and training.  Though I have spent years and lots of $$$ trying to “fix” them with chiropractors, acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, Airrosti, essential oils, to name a few; I learned that in order to be relieved of something, you have to go through it.  Face it.  Release it.  What I’m talking about is slow, conscious, deliberate stretching.  These are perfectly demonstrated in Hatha Yin and Restorative Yoga.  Both modalities use props such as bolsters, blankets, and blocks to help our bodies release hypertonic muscles while holding positions.  As your body lets go, the props can be removed.  It’s amazing.  In the Hatha Yin class I take, we work on our postures for 2-4 minutes and move in a very fluid manner.  In Restorative Yoga, we tend to use more props and will be in a position generally from 4-10 minutes.  If you are interested, I go to Hatha Yin at Yoga Yoga and Restorative at Say Om here in Austin. Both are fantastic to get the parasympathetic nervous system to engage.  This is the Rest and Digest part of your body’s physiological stress response (the sympathetic nervous system runs the Fight, Flight, or Freeze; or for women, Tend and Befriend stress response).  When the parasympathetic nervous system is engaged, we relax, renew, heal, and regenerate.  We all need this reset in order for our bodies to function properly; especially at optimum levels.  (Momma’s, let me here you say, “OH, YEAH!”) I was in a packed Hatha Yin class the other day, and the instructor opened class with one of her recent experiences as a life lesson to share.  She reminded us of the option in confrontations to either Be Right or Connect.  When we choose to Be Right as in debating or arguing, the reactions build and build and the energy gets tense and stressed until someone either blows up or gives up.  When we choose to Connect, we instead open ourselves to new perspectives and possibilities and create a stronger foundation of energetic harmony.  Think close-minded vs. open-minded. Well, that morning, our instructor was taking her small child to school, and her kiddo started having a tantrum at drop off.  Instead of choosing to Connect, the...

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Whole30: FIN and Beyond

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Here we are, Day 29 of the Whole30.  While I may have seen this challenge as more of an annoyance than a difficulty, I admit that I am glad I did it.  As I stated earlier, I have not been strict with my eating since becoming pregnant in the Spring of 2012.  Goat cheese, gluten free treats, and other non-Paleo items had snuck into my normal life, and it was time to clean up for sure.  I made it the past 30 days adhering to the Whole30 program: no grains, legumes, dairy (butter was out, but ghee was allowed), alcohol, added sweetener (fruit juice sweetened items were ok), or paleo baked treats of any sort.  The Whole30 has really emphasized that it truly STARTS with food, but there is much more to lasting vitality and health. In my opinion, a healthy balance in life considers Stress, Sleep, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Socialization, and Spirituality.  (In the interest of my considerations, Stress includes all contributors such as work, family, education, responsibilities, etc. as well as stress-mitigation, relaxation, and recuperation)  I’ve got my Nutrition dialed in, we are working on improving my Sleep, Physical Activity is still tapering if needed, and Socialization has definitely taken an up-turn.  I want to work more on my Stress management skills and Spirituality, which from my perspective go hand-in-hand.  Kundalini yoga was the perfect outlet for me, but it is currently a challenge to make the scheduled times during the week. Back to my post-Whole30 thoughts.  I have definitely leaned out, and am feeling a bit better, but not feeling fierce by any means.  Here’s why.  On the first day of the Whole30, I did a comprehensive saliva panel through my L.Ac. (licensed acupuncturist) who is also a Functional Medicine practitioner to check: cortisol rhythm, DHEA+DHEA-S/cortisol ratio, SIgA (a salivary mucous that indicates stress effect on digestion), estradoil, progesterone, and testosterone.  If you read a few of my previous posts, you will recall that 6 months ago, my progesterone was a post-menopausal levels, my testosterone was pretty low, and a couple of other issues were brought to light. What we found in this recent panel is that I did indeed have Adrenal Fatigue six months ago.  Watching my nutrition, fitness, stress, receiving regular acupuncture, and a cache of supplements have brought me back to a functioning level; sort of.  My body is healing, but still needs a bit of work.  Currently, my DHEA is almost non-existent, my estradoil and progesterone are within range, but still low, and my SIgA is so low it confirms the excessive levels stress my body has endured.  My L.Ac. (did I mention he is a genius?) and I are meeting tomorrow to...

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Whole30: Week 3 Done and Done!

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Alright, alright! We’re in the single-digit countdown to completing the Whole30! Yes, I feel better. Yes, I am leaner and faster. Yes, I am going to devour my eggs in Must B Nutty tortillas as soon as this is over. It’s pretty safe to say that at this point I have settled in with the food restrictions and am just coasting through to the finish.  I still miss my treats and fully intend on reincorporating my paleo goodies after this is completed.  What I am thankful for from this challenge is that it has gotten me off some bad habits that had formed.  Prior to the Whole30, I was having a daily mid-afternoon snack of LIVE Soda kombucha and a protein bar (normally a chocolate flavor).  Psychologically, that’s just as bad as a Snickers and Diet Dr. Pepper!  Now, I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy food ideals.  If I’m hungry after Sterling nurses, or just need a snack, I have nuts, fruit, some leftovers, or jerky.  The difference, is I am eating REAL FOOD, all the time. The major activity this week was a photo shoot by Roger Wintle of Henly Photography Studio (website is pending).  This was a whole day affair.  My mother-in-law watched Little Bear so I could do my hair and make-up prior to the shoot.  Then, I dropped the kiddo off at school and hauled butt down past Dripping Springs to the studio.  I had no time for lunch during preparation, so I brought a Gather bar, leftover beef with vegetables from the previous night’s dinner, and some sparkling water.  I munched on food in between costume and set changes, and we had a great time.  The bonus of the Whole30 is leaning out, so I was pretty pumped to get to take the pictures this far into the challenge.  Here are a couple of spoiler pics while he prepares the portfolio.   After the shoot, I picked up Little Bear, got him fed and almost bathed and then it was off to my girlfriend’s house for a “family” potluck dinner.  I just want to say how amazing my friends are that they either kept things super clean or brought the cheese and dressing on the side so I could indulge in the savory goodness.  All in all, it was a spectacularly busy day and I still kept it completely Whole30! I’m still waiting to feel like a ninja cat riding a unicorn over a rainbow, but there are 9 days left…   Wishing you Best in...

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Whole30: Week 2 Check-In

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At last week’s check-in I was pretty irritated by not having my weekend cheat.  I got over my pity party and pressed on through this past weekend.  Here I sit at day 15 (1/2 there!!), and I am ready to get this done. I know the Hartwig’s say that we are big girls and boys and there are no such things as a slip.  Well, I’m here to say, I disagree.  In my irritated haze, I misread a couple of ingredients and I accidentally ate some sucrose laced dried berries and had a swig of a probiotic drink with vanilla extract and stevia in it. *GASP!*  Am I restarting? Hell, no.  It wasn’t an intentional bite of a piece of cake or a lack of self-control.  If that were the case, I would definitely restart.  I understand the psychological piece is pretty important.  For that reason, I will trudge on. Last week was pretty chill.  I attempted to take Sterling to an evening book signing, which was a total fail.  But, I did get mine and a friend’s books signed by the authors of a great vegan cook book, Thug Kitchen.  I consider it great ideas for accompanying dishes, and can always substitute coconut or almond flour to keep it grain-free.  Too easy!  After a 45-minute Q&A while chasing a rambunctious toddler through the stacks, I was about to bail.  As we waited in a stagnant line with my child on my shoulders screaming bloody murder and flailing his little body like a fish gasping for its final breaths of air on the floor of a boat, a kind employee took pity on my struggle and rushed us to the front of the line.  By this point, I was almost in tears, and can probably say the same for all the poor souls near us subjected to the raucous wailings of an unhappy kiddo who should have been fast asleep in his bed.  The best part of the whole story, the inscriptions on our books are epic.  MINE: “Liz, You are a fucking trooper for coming to see us.  Thanks for the love.” MY FRIEND’s: “Liz, Where the fuck were you?! We waited for hours!” Loading Got some @thug kitchen love at @bookpeople last night. FYI toddler at an evening book signing= FAIL. Total meltdown. #photogrid @photogridorg #bestinhealth #vegan #eatyoveggies #notalwayspaleo #fitfluential #cleaneats #eatlikeyougiveaf_ck View on Instagram The helpful element for this weekend was that my 9 year-old step-son was with his mom.  There were no requests for breakfast tacos or pizza or kid birthday parties.  Saturday night’s fun meal was grilled grass-fed filet and  organic cabbage sauteed in coconut oil.  Sunday, we went with lox.  AJ had his...

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Whole30 Check-In: Week 1 Done

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Here I am on Day 8 of the Whole30.  I bet you expect me to say how I feel like a million bucks and am so excited how my body is feeling… blah, blah, blah. The truth, yes, I am sleeping better, I am less irritable in general, and I have a bit more energy to get me through the day.  But it’s not all glitter and rainbows.  I just completed my first cheat-free weekend since I can remember (maybe 2+ years), and all I can think about is candy corn, cinnamon buns, and pumpkin spice lattes!  I am realizing that my psychological mental processing on food is a big issue.  I made it through the weekdays pretty well.  I found a kombucha that is Whole30 compliant.  (Sorry LIVE Soda; see you in November.)  I have been eating a TON of food.  I know the Hartwig’s recommend sticking to 3 meals a day.  But, my time in the gym and the kiddo’s continued breast feeding requires more calories than I can put down in a meal.  My metabolism is on over-drive, and while I am not doing this for aesthetic reasons, I have lost a little fluff around the edges.  I don’t have a scale, so there is no way to tell what my weight is doing.  Besides, one of the rules for the 30 days is no weigh-ins. The first few days were magical.  I quickly realized where I had been faultering on almost every meal or snack for the past year or so.  I cleaned up the eats, and was feeling pretty good.  I could literally feel my body soaking up every nutrient dense morsel I consumed to heal my gut and my hormones.  I was sleeping, hard.  I was still getting in some good work at the gym.  I was motivated and feeling like a champ.  Then the weekend came. I am a big advocate for substitutions over sacrifice.  The inability to have that psychological break makes this challenge more difficult for me than any other I have done.  We are not to recreate any paleo version of any treat.  Banana and egg pancakes- nope.  Sweet potato fries- forget it.  I can’t even have my coveted Must B Nutty almond flour tortillas until this is over.  My post-workout protein shakes- no sir!  NorCal margaritas- absolutely not. We went to my friend’s going away party on Saturday.  The no booze rule didn’t bother me much.  The Topo Chico and lime was just fine.  AJ and I went on a date after, and instead of getting an early dinner sans kiddos, we went people-watching and shopping on South Congress.  We considered grabbing some food, but I didn’t want to...

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