Whole30: Week 3 Done and Done!

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Alright, alright! We’re in the single-digit countdown to completing the Whole30! Yes, I feel better. Yes, I am leaner and faster. Yes, I am going to devour my eggs in Must B Nutty tortillas as soon as this is over. It’s pretty safe to say that at this point I have settled in with the food restrictions and am just coasting through to the finish.  I still miss my treats and fully intend on reincorporating my paleo goodies after this is completed.  What I am thankful for from this challenge is that it has gotten me off some bad habits that had formed.  Prior to the Whole30, I was having a daily mid-afternoon snack of LIVE Soda kombucha and a protein bar (normally a chocolate flavor).  Psychologically, that’s just as bad as a Snickers and Diet Dr. Pepper!  Now, I am finally back to my pre-pregnancy food ideals.  If I’m hungry after Sterling nurses, or just need a snack, I have nuts, fruit, some leftovers, or jerky.  The difference, is I am eating REAL FOOD, all the time. The major activity this week was a photo shoot by Roger Wintle of Henly Photography Studio (website is pending).  This was a whole day affair.  My mother-in-law watched Little Bear so I could do my hair and make-up prior to the shoot.  Then, I dropped the kiddo off at school and hauled butt down past Dripping Springs to the studio.  I had no time for lunch during preparation, so I brought a Gather bar, leftover beef with vegetables from the previous night’s dinner, and some sparkling water.  I munched on food in between costume and set changes, and we had a great time.  The bonus of the Whole30 is leaning out, so I was pretty pumped to get to take the pictures this far into the challenge.  Here are a couple of spoiler pics while he prepares the portfolio.   After the shoot, I picked up Little Bear, got him fed and almost bathed and then it was off to my girlfriend’s house for a “family” potluck dinner.  I just want to say how amazing my friends are that they either kept things super clean or brought the cheese and dressing on the side so I could indulge in the savory goodness.  All in all, it was a spectacularly busy day and I still kept it completely Whole30! I’m still waiting to feel like a ninja cat riding a unicorn over a rainbow, but there are 9 days left…   Wishing you Best in...

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Whole30 Check-In: Week 1 Done

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Here I am on Day 8 of the Whole30.  I bet you expect me to say how I feel like a million bucks and am so excited how my body is feeling… blah, blah, blah. The truth, yes, I am sleeping better, I am less irritable in general, and I have a bit more energy to get me through the day.  But it’s not all glitter and rainbows.  I just completed my first cheat-free weekend since I can remember (maybe 2+ years), and all I can think about is candy corn, cinnamon buns, and pumpkin spice lattes!  I am realizing that my psychological mental processing on food is a big issue.  I made it through the weekdays pretty well.  I found a kombucha that is Whole30 compliant.  (Sorry LIVE Soda; see you in November.)  I have been eating a TON of food.  I know the Hartwig’s recommend sticking to 3 meals a day.  But, my time in the gym and the kiddo’s continued breast feeding requires more calories than I can put down in a meal.  My metabolism is on over-drive, and while I am not doing this for aesthetic reasons, I have lost a little fluff around the edges.  I don’t have a scale, so there is no way to tell what my weight is doing.  Besides, one of the rules for the 30 days is no weigh-ins. The first few days were magical.  I quickly realized where I had been faultering on almost every meal or snack for the past year or so.  I cleaned up the eats, and was feeling pretty good.  I could literally feel my body soaking up every nutrient dense morsel I consumed to heal my gut and my hormones.  I was sleeping, hard.  I was still getting in some good work at the gym.  I was motivated and feeling like a champ.  Then the weekend came. I am a big advocate for substitutions over sacrifice.  The inability to have that psychological break makes this challenge more difficult for me than any other I have done.  We are not to recreate any paleo version of any treat.  Banana and egg pancakes- nope.  Sweet potato fries- forget it.  I can’t even have my coveted Must B Nutty almond flour tortillas until this is over.  My post-workout protein shakes- no sir!  NorCal margaritas- absolutely not. We went to my friend’s going away party on Saturday.  The no booze rule didn’t bother me much.  The Topo Chico and lime was just fine.  AJ and I went on a date after, and instead of getting an early dinner sans kiddos, we went people-watching and shopping on South Congress.  We considered grabbing some food, but I didn’t want to...

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Taking On the Whole 30

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I used to eat strict paleo. I used to zone every snack and meal. I used to feel INCREDIBLE. My eating habits began to stray when I got pregnant, and I have used the excuse of the baby still nursing to not dial it back in for over 2 years. You know what? I felt like crap through most of the pregnancy and have been challenged with fatigue and hormone issues for the past 6 months.  All I want for my 36th birthday is to feel amazing again. I take way too many supplements for someone of my age and it’s time for me to dial it back in. While I will not Zone while Sterling is still nursing, I can clean it up. I can commit to Whole 30. My sister encouraged me the other day to give it a try and today a friend of mine was putting out feelers about it on Facebook. I immediately answered the call, and we have devised a challenge that we can take on TOGETHER. Operation Fill My Cup commences on Monday! From October 6th- November 4th, we are doing the WHOLE 30. We know how much of a challenge this truly is, so we are setting up a support system to keep us on track. We are inviting anyone interested to join us. A private group on Facebook is up to share recipes, offer support, and help keep the motivation strong. You can do this from anywhere! If you happen to be in ATX, we are putting together some meet ups for face-to-face support and a little yoga to keep it fresh. Here’s our FREE group: CLICK HERE Ask for an add, comment, or message me to get in on the action! liz@lcrwellness.com...

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August Success Story

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Witnessing the success of my clients tends to get me misty-eyed.  The other week, I walked into my appointment to find a recent client looking FIERCE!  Six weeks ago, a couple of friends of mine sought me out to get lean.  They have been on a solid fitness plan for over a year and were not seeing results.  I gave them some information about nutrition and had them journal their food intake for 6-weeks.  Each week, we would meet, and I would offer new strategies and suggestions for their food choices and supplements.  I am so proud of them.  As the great Gymnastics Coach Tucker says, “The proof is in the pudding.”  While he has chosen to remain anonymous, I cannot share before and after photos. What I can offer is his testimonial that my program, “made [him] aware of what [he] eat[s] and how it affects [his] everyday”. After 6 weeks under my program, he dropped 3.8% body fat (from 23.9% to 20.1%)! These are blood test results before he started my program, and 5 short weeks into my program.  By choosing better options for his body, the inflammatory response was lessened to the point the his cholesterol dropped by 85 mg/dL!  This took him off the red flag list and well into the ideal range!  Additionally, his fasting glucose was scary high when we first started, and by the end of my program, it dropped by 54%, 115 mg/dL!  Not only is he no longer danger close to developing type 2 diabetes, but he’s thinking clearer, more energized at work, and lowered his dose of medication for vertigo. BEFORE Cholesterol, Total: 259 mg/dL  (ideal 125-200) HDL: 68 mg/dL                            (ideal = or >40 mg/dL) Triglycerides: 156 mg/dL           (ideal < 150 mg/dL) LDL: 160 mg/dL                           (ideal <130 mg/dL) CHOL/HDLC Ratio: 3.8              (ideal < or = 5.0) Fasting glucose: 211 mg/dL       (ideal 65-99 mg/dL) Free Testosterone: 221 ng/dL   (ideal 241-827 ng/dL) Hemoglobin A1c: 10.8%             (ideal <5.7%)   AFTER Cholesterol, Total: 174 mg/dL  (ideal 125-200) HDL: 66 mg/dL                           (ideal = or >40 mg/dL) Triglycerides: 120 mg/dL          (ideal < 150 mg/dL) LDL: 84 mg/dL                           (ideal <130 mg/dL) CHOL/HDLC Ratio: 2.6            (ideal < or = 5.0) Fasting glucose: 96 mg/dL        (ideal 65-99 mg/dL) Free Testosterone:...

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How Having a Child Made Me Savor Living in the Moment

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Ok, so our society has gone from idolizing the wizards of multi-tasking to coveting mindfulness and being present in all activities.  I would love to think that we are finally dumping the ever-busy super mom ideal and instead promoting consciousness and slowing down a bit.  However, trying to fit in family, career, fitness, household duties, and social obligations often leaves us spinning through the day in a non-stop juggling act of efficiency, well-planned errand routes, making the most of naptime, and some how getting to the gym or yoga studio (normally the first to get ditched off the “to-do” list). In my opinion, there are benefits to both being present, but also managing the ever-growing laundry list of the modern mom.  When I was a helicopter pilot in the Army, multi-tasking in the cockpit was fun.  I would get into the flow of the process; effortlessly managing radios, monitoring systems, navigating, and working like a well-oiled machine with a solid crew.  In this effect, multi-tasking taps into the brainwaves of fluid focus, and I would feel fierce and effective.  It was a rush of excitement, a zen calmness as my mind easily shifted through what to do in that moment and what was to come next as we’d cruise by the rolling terrain.  Compound that with a flight of 3 or 4 other helicopters in formation, and it was the most amazing dance of synchronized crew coordination.  Back in my Army days, that was my bliss.  (Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi calls this Flow.) I left the Army three years ago.  Since that time, I got married, had a baby, finished graduate school, and started my own company.  Bliss to me these days is a quiet moment to myself.  Pure and simple.  I chuckle to myself as my multi-tasking abilities have transferred from managing the cockpit to doing the laundry, feeding the cat, cleaning up the kid and half of his breakfast on the floor, starting the dishes, and somehow finishing my morning cup of coffee before noon.  In the limited time that he is in childcare, I cruise through website and social media management, work with clients, knock out some baby-free errands, and of course a few cherished moments to myself in the gym or yoga studio.  These days, the kid-free trips to the gym feel like my “guilty pleasure”.  Of course I can take him with me to the gym, but it’s nice to crunch through my coach’s programming without tending to a rambunctious toddler in between sets. Working part-time, I can see the benefits and trials of both the stay at home mom, and the full-time mom.  I love our fun mornings on days he is with me.  We can go to Mommy & Me yoga...

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Beyond the Goal Setting

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I have written a couple of previous blogs about goal setting.  Events over the past week have made enough of an impression on me to want to share some information beyond a checklist and vision.  Pregnancy has definitely given me a new perspective on goals and achievement.  Just wait until little Hot Shot makes his debut! It is possible to get so wrapped up in tasks and goals that we lose sight of the big picture.  I read an article the other day which mentioned that sometimes we get so fixated on a job that we forget about our career.  Depending on your comfort level with life planning, you may have everything thought out up through retirement.  Others may only be ready to think about 10-years, 5-years, or only 1-year down the road.  Some may not even be able to look past next week.  No worries.  Breathe. Here’s a thought.  When it seems that you are getting tunnel vision on set goals and life tasks or don’t even want to think about them at all, close your eyes and imagine the final moments on your deathbed.  Since this is your own personal thought, let’s just suppose that you have the luxury of choosing your Grand Exit: time, location, people around you, method of exit, etc.  Again, since this is thought is only for you, imagine that your future self is fully content.  You are pleased with all you have done and accomplished.  There are no regrets.  You have achieved ultimate life satisfaction. Now, with that comforting future thought, what have you done?  Did you get that Ph.D?  Start that company?  Did you make amends with your parent, sibling, former best friend?  Have a wonderful, loving family?  Spend a year abroad in meditation?  Qualify for the Boston Marathon?  Feel free to get as wild and out of the box with your (future) accomplishments as your dreams allow.  Don’t hold back.  Let common sense take a back seat here and dream big!  Write them down so you can go back to them whenever you want later. When you think about life as if you have already lived it, unbelievable strength and fortitude can emerge from deep within yourself.  This is especially helpful when going through a tumultuous period in life.  Trust me, I’ve been there.  It can also give you more focus when trying to crunch through a gigantic project.  Before you start, think about it as if you have already completed it.  Consider the steps you had to go through.  This is the ultimate form of backwards planning.  Perhaps some set-backs may arise.  Yep, shit happens; then you change your shorts. The important thing is to keep everything within your...

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