The Importance of Blood Work

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As with all of my blog posts, it is my hope that I can help someone out there by sharing a story from my own journey. Sterling just turned 17-months old, and I am currently working part-time on this company.  I spent his first 5 months of life exclusively with him.  In the spring, I went back to my internship and my final semester of Graduate School at UT-Austin, and graduated in December.  The effort to complete my master’s degree, resume CrossFit training, and balance the baby and family duties was quite taxing to say the least.  This is an excerpt from my journal shortly after graduating. “12/6/13 Finally finished grad school.  I feel like my adrenals have been on over-drive pumping my veins with adrenaline to keep up with everything.  I want to collapse and do NOTHING for at least 3 days…. I am taking a [CrossFit] break to give my [parasympathetic nervous system] a chance to recharge my body.  I finally crossed the finish line and need to collapse and shudder all the excess away. .. Thanksgiving took a lot out of me. … I want to : yoga, meditate, get a massage, watch a movie, sleep uninterrupted, dance, laugh, take a hike, sit, NOTHING.” After a month of family time, I started LCR Wellness.  I thought my short “break” was enough to recharge my body, and I was ready to press on.  (Come on, moms.  We all know that taking time off to be with the baby is hardly a break.)  By March, I was exhausted.  None of my old nutrition or supplement tricks worked.  My energy and motivation had dwindled to a slowing trickle.  All I wanted to do was sleep.  My outlook on most things became quite negative, and I started experiencing intrusive thoughts.  I was well beyond the time frame for post-partum depression, though I presented with similar symptoms.  After all I have been though in two combat deployments and my time in the Army, I felt ashamed.  Here I was, an emerging Wellness Coach, yet I felt that I my own health needed help.  This was not something I could suck up and endure. One evening, we ended up in the ER as my hands started to tingle and go numb.  The ER doctor recommended I go on anti-depressants based on my symptoms.  It saddens me to think of how many women have been in a similar circumstance and decided to take the advice of doctors such as this.  How unfortunate that our societal norm is for professionals with over a decade of medical training to hand out pharmaceuticals without hesitation.  Seriously, this needs to stop.  Instead of popping a pill, I knew my...

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The Next Chapter

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While this is one of my favorite songs, there is one line that I find very suitable for this post. “Every finish line is the beginning of a new race.” How true, Lil’ Wayne, how true. I am officially a civilian with no military obligation remaining. I no longer go as Major Collura, Ma’am, or The Commander. I am now “Liz”, Graduate Student at UT-Austin, AJ’s girlfriend, CrossFit Cedar Park coach and team member, and part of the Sassy 6 (a choice term my girlfriend, Tara, used to describe our close group of friends). I left 11 years of military service with a pat on the back, a few new awards, some great friends, and a legacy (I hope) of leadership and excellence in the field. Graduate School is a whole new experience. I have been told not to expect “atta girls” or validation of self-value in projects and instead learn to embrace rejection, criticism, and expect moments of depression and questions of self-worth. Not that my military experience was ever “easy”, but the past few weeks preparing for Grad school have been pretty intense. I spent 3 weeks of my “vacation” cramming 550 pages of an Exercise Physiology text book for a competency exam that, come to find out as I sat for the test, I was not required to take. (That one really pissed me off. I went home and destroyed a WOD with gusto after that test.) I found the ambivilance of my Graduate School advisor with my class registration irritating at best. When I started questioning my decision to attain another level of higher education, I called my mom for advice. She told me that if I am seeking approval or acceptance from my professors, I will be incredibly disappointed and getting my Master’s degree will be especially painful. She told me to look inside and remember why I decided to do this in the first place. I needed to hear those words. I needed to remember to draw motivation and self-worth from within and approach Grad School with the desire to simply learn. So far, I have found my classes fascinating and am SUPER JAZZED with what I will be learning this semester. Combining that with coaching CrossFit in the civilian sector and resuming my massage practice makes life WONDERFUL. The most important factor helping me keep my wits? A strong support system. AJ is incredibly supportive, and I have several other people I can lean on for advice. For those of you considering a career tranisition or to completely leave the workforce for some time to pursue a new degree, allow me to make a suggestion. Before you consider the “what” and “how”,...

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