Whole30: FIN and Beyond

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Here we are, Day 29 of the Whole30.  While I may have seen this challenge as more of an annoyance than a difficulty, I admit that I am glad I did it.  As I stated earlier, I have not been strict with my eating since becoming pregnant in the Spring of 2012.  Goat cheese, gluten free treats, and other non-Paleo items had snuck into my normal life, and it was time to clean up for sure.  I made it the past 30 days adhering to the Whole30 program: no grains, legumes, dairy (butter was out, but ghee was allowed), alcohol, added sweetener (fruit juice sweetened items were ok), or paleo baked treats of any sort.  The Whole30 has really emphasized that it truly STARTS with food, but there is much more to lasting vitality and health. In my opinion, a healthy balance in life considers Stress, Sleep, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Socialization, and Spirituality.  (In the interest of my considerations, Stress includes all contributors such as work, family, education, responsibilities, etc. as well as stress-mitigation, relaxation, and recuperation)  I’ve got my Nutrition dialed in, we are working on improving my Sleep, Physical Activity is still tapering if needed, and Socialization has definitely taken an up-turn.  I want to work more on my Stress management skills and Spirituality, which from my perspective go hand-in-hand.  Kundalini yoga was the perfect outlet for me, but it is currently a challenge to make the scheduled times during the week. Back to my post-Whole30 thoughts.  I have definitely leaned out, and am feeling a bit better, but not feeling fierce by any means.  Here’s why.  On the first day of the Whole30, I did a comprehensive saliva panel through my L.Ac. (licensed acupuncturist) who is also a Functional Medicine practitioner to check: cortisol rhythm, DHEA+DHEA-S/cortisol ratio, SIgA (a salivary mucous that indicates stress effect on digestion), estradoil, progesterone, and testosterone.  If you read a few of my previous posts, you will recall that 6 months ago, my progesterone was a post-menopausal levels, my testosterone was pretty low, and a couple of other issues were brought to light. What we found in this recent panel is that I did indeed have Adrenal Fatigue six months ago.  Watching my nutrition, fitness, stress, receiving regular acupuncture, and a cache of supplements have brought me back to a functioning level; sort of.  My body is healing, but still needs a bit of work.  Currently, my DHEA is almost non-existent, my estradoil and progesterone are within range, but still low, and my SIgA is so low it confirms the excessive levels stress my body has endured.  My L.Ac. (did I mention he is a genius?) and I are meeting tomorrow to...

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Whole30 Check-In: Week 1 Done

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Here I am on Day 8 of the Whole30.  I bet you expect me to say how I feel like a million bucks and am so excited how my body is feeling… blah, blah, blah. The truth, yes, I am sleeping better, I am less irritable in general, and I have a bit more energy to get me through the day.  But it’s not all glitter and rainbows.  I just completed my first cheat-free weekend since I can remember (maybe 2+ years), and all I can think about is candy corn, cinnamon buns, and pumpkin spice lattes!  I am realizing that my psychological mental processing on food is a big issue.  I made it through the weekdays pretty well.  I found a kombucha that is Whole30 compliant.  (Sorry LIVE Soda; see you in November.)  I have been eating a TON of food.  I know the Hartwig’s recommend sticking to 3 meals a day.  But, my time in the gym and the kiddo’s continued breast feeding requires more calories than I can put down in a meal.  My metabolism is on over-drive, and while I am not doing this for aesthetic reasons, I have lost a little fluff around the edges.  I don’t have a scale, so there is no way to tell what my weight is doing.  Besides, one of the rules for the 30 days is no weigh-ins. The first few days were magical.  I quickly realized where I had been faultering on almost every meal or snack for the past year or so.  I cleaned up the eats, and was feeling pretty good.  I could literally feel my body soaking up every nutrient dense morsel I consumed to heal my gut and my hormones.  I was sleeping, hard.  I was still getting in some good work at the gym.  I was motivated and feeling like a champ.  Then the weekend came. I am a big advocate for substitutions over sacrifice.  The inability to have that psychological break makes this challenge more difficult for me than any other I have done.  We are not to recreate any paleo version of any treat.  Banana and egg pancakes- nope.  Sweet potato fries- forget it.  I can’t even have my coveted Must B Nutty almond flour tortillas until this is over.  My post-workout protein shakes- no sir!  NorCal margaritas- absolutely not. We went to my friend’s going away party on Saturday.  The no booze rule didn’t bother me much.  The Topo Chico and lime was just fine.  AJ and I went on a date after, and instead of getting an early dinner sans kiddos, we went people-watching and shopping on South Congress.  We considered grabbing some food, but I didn’t want to...

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Taking On the Whole 30

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I used to eat strict paleo. I used to zone every snack and meal. I used to feel INCREDIBLE. My eating habits began to stray when I got pregnant, and I have used the excuse of the baby still nursing to not dial it back in for over 2 years. You know what? I felt like crap through most of the pregnancy and have been challenged with fatigue and hormone issues for the past 6 months.  All I want for my 36th birthday is to feel amazing again. I take way too many supplements for someone of my age and it’s time for me to dial it back in. While I will not Zone while Sterling is still nursing, I can clean it up. I can commit to Whole 30. My sister encouraged me the other day to give it a try and today a friend of mine was putting out feelers about it on Facebook. I immediately answered the call, and we have devised a challenge that we can take on TOGETHER. Operation Fill My Cup commences on Monday! From October 6th- November 4th, we are doing the WHOLE 30. We know how much of a challenge this truly is, so we are setting up a support system to keep us on track. We are inviting anyone interested to join us. A private group on Facebook is up to share recipes, offer support, and help keep the motivation strong. You can do this from anywhere! If you happen to be in ATX, we are putting together some meet ups for face-to-face support and a little yoga to keep it fresh. Here’s our FREE group: CLICK HERE Ask for an add, comment, or message me to get in on the action! liz@lcrwellness.com...

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August Success Story

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Witnessing the success of my clients tends to get me misty-eyed.  The other week, I walked into my appointment to find a recent client looking FIERCE!  Six weeks ago, a couple of friends of mine sought me out to get lean.  They have been on a solid fitness plan for over a year and were not seeing results.  I gave them some information about nutrition and had them journal their food intake for 6-weeks.  Each week, we would meet, and I would offer new strategies and suggestions for their food choices and supplements.  I am so proud of them.  As the great Gymnastics Coach Tucker says, “The proof is in the pudding.”  While he has chosen to remain anonymous, I cannot share before and after photos. What I can offer is his testimonial that my program, “made [him] aware of what [he] eat[s] and how it affects [his] everyday”. After 6 weeks under my program, he dropped 3.8% body fat (from 23.9% to 20.1%)! These are blood test results before he started my program, and 5 short weeks into my program.  By choosing better options for his body, the inflammatory response was lessened to the point the his cholesterol dropped by 85 mg/dL!  This took him off the red flag list and well into the ideal range!  Additionally, his fasting glucose was scary high when we first started, and by the end of my program, it dropped by 54%, 115 mg/dL!  Not only is he no longer danger close to developing type 2 diabetes, but he’s thinking clearer, more energized at work, and lowered his dose of medication for vertigo. BEFORE Cholesterol, Total: 259 mg/dL  (ideal 125-200) HDL: 68 mg/dL                            (ideal = or >40 mg/dL) Triglycerides: 156 mg/dL           (ideal < 150 mg/dL) LDL: 160 mg/dL                           (ideal <130 mg/dL) CHOL/HDLC Ratio: 3.8              (ideal < or = 5.0) Fasting glucose: 211 mg/dL       (ideal 65-99 mg/dL) Free Testosterone: 221 ng/dL   (ideal 241-827 ng/dL) Hemoglobin A1c: 10.8%             (ideal <5.7%)   AFTER Cholesterol, Total: 174 mg/dL  (ideal 125-200) HDL: 66 mg/dL                           (ideal = or >40 mg/dL) Triglycerides: 120 mg/dL          (ideal < 150 mg/dL) LDL: 84 mg/dL                           (ideal <130 mg/dL) CHOL/HDLC Ratio: 2.6            (ideal < or = 5.0) Fasting glucose: 96 mg/dL        (ideal 65-99 mg/dL) Free Testosterone:...

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Goals and Gratitude in 2014

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The past 6 months have been a whirlwind; and the last 30 days, WOW!  A lot has happened, and my blogs definitely went scarce. I guess I’ll start from the “beginning”.  After taking some time off to bond with Sterling and focus on being a mom, I went back to grad school for my final semester.  Instead of a thesis, I chose to take the internship route which led to the inception of the Balanced Wellness Coaching program (see the Services and Classes page for more info).  It was not easy trying to manage a full course load, internship, training time at the gym, and being a good mom, but with a lot of support, I got it done.Goal 1: M.Ed.- CHECK! Next, I decided that now that school is out, it’s time to take control of my career. It’s funny how grad school can rule your life for so many years from the GRE-prep and testing to applications to getting recommendations to acceptance to getting the finances ready (9/11 GI Bill rocks!) to going back to classes to enduring the ridiculous projects, papers, and tests to finally finishing.  I took an entire month off after graduating to re-calibrate myself, plus it was great to just focus on Sterling after the semester was over.  To start off the new year right, I made a fresh vision board specifically with my career in mind.  I deliberately left white space not only to leave room for new ideas, but also to allow myself white space in my days. *breathe*  I started a company called LCR Wellness! I will continue to offer the Balanced Wellness Coaching program through Peak Performance Institute, and LCR Wellness will also have online options available with a few cool e-books.  Stay tuned for more information as I get everything up and running.   Goal 2: Start my own business- CHECK! Throughout all of this, I have maintained a regular training schedule at CrossFit Austin to get myself back in the fun of local competitions.  Sometimes Sterling accompanies me to training sessions, and as a mom, he’s always my top priority.  Training with an infant changes the game significantly.  I’d have to say just being patient with myself and my fitness goals has been paramount to sanity preservation.  I’m still not where I would really like to be, but considering my current life circumstances, I’m pretty pleased with my fitness gains since his birth last year.  To get back in the groove, I competed with an awesome team from CrossFit Austin this fall at the Athlete Open, and really wanted to give myself a little extra push before the 2014 Open.   Gotta love a cold axle bar!...

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What’s YOUR Motivation?

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The past month of Graduate School at UT-Austin can definitely be likened to the proverbial “drinking from the firehose” for me. Two of my classes cover concepts I have rarely explored, and I am thrilled to dig deeper into Theories of Health Behavior and Social Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity. I was reading though an assignment on Goals and Motivation for sport and physical activity, and knew I had uncovered some amazing territory to share with the CrossFit community. My coach, Bigg Dave Tillman, and I were pondering the formal equation for the “GO Factor” in CrossFit. You know what I’m talking about. That level of intensity that makes you push through the pain, exhaustion, and thoughts telling you to stop or at least slow down. The GO Factor is what inspires people to join CrossFit and ultimately see desired results; whether rocking that new bikini, a new Fran PR, or earn the title Fittest Man or Woman on Earth. I found a huge piece of the puzzle this weekend. Achievement Motivation. According to Joan Duda, one of the front-runners in Achievement Motivation Theory, there are two major tenets; task involvement and ego involvement. Task involvement includes perceptions of ability, skill-improvement, and task mastery. Task involvement goals often lead to a strong work ethic, optimal performance, persistence, as well as learning from mistakes. This is most definitely a strong trait in CrossFitters!Ego involvement, on the other hand, focuses on demonstrating superior competence to the average population and beating or surpassing others. If an individual’s perceived ability level is low, and has strong ego involvement, he or she will be more likely to decrease effort, cease trying, or claim lack of interest. Please keep in mind that task and ego involvement are not on a linear continuum. An athlete can have strong traits in both, show preference to one, or low in both. I’m not trying to say that ego involvement is “bad”. Sometimes that bit of, “beat the other guy” is what we need to get through and finish. But there is definitely a time and place to put the ego aside and just let yourself learn, develop, and find that BOOM within. This is especially important for those just beginning a CrossFit program or coming back from illness, injury, or work-related hiatus. Next time you are tackling a tough WOD, take a moment to think, “Why am I doing this? What is my limit?” Are you trying to make the white board, develop skill and technique, or beat your last time? If you are returning from an extended time off due to work, vacation, or injury, are you trying to get right back to your old level...

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