Whole30: FIN and Beyond

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Here we are, Day 29 of the Whole30.  While I may have seen this challenge as more of an annoyance than a difficulty, I admit that I am glad I did it.  As I stated earlier, I have not been strict with my eating since becoming pregnant in the Spring of 2012.  Goat cheese, gluten free treats, and other non-Paleo items had snuck into my normal life, and it was time to clean up for sure.  I made it the past 30 days adhering to the Whole30 program: no grains, legumes, dairy (butter was out, but ghee was allowed), alcohol, added sweetener (fruit juice sweetened items were ok), or paleo baked treats of any sort.  The Whole30 has really emphasized that it truly STARTS with food, but there is much more to lasting vitality and health. In my opinion, a healthy balance in life considers Stress, Sleep, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Socialization, and Spirituality.  (In the interest of my considerations, Stress includes all contributors such as work, family, education, responsibilities, etc. as well as stress-mitigation, relaxation, and recuperation)  I’ve got my Nutrition dialed in, we are working on improving my Sleep, Physical Activity is still tapering if needed, and Socialization has definitely taken an up-turn.  I want to work more on my Stress management skills and Spirituality, which from my perspective go hand-in-hand.  Kundalini yoga was the perfect outlet for me, but it is currently a challenge to make the scheduled times during the week. Back to my post-Whole30 thoughts.  I have definitely leaned out, and am feeling a bit better, but not feeling fierce by any means.  Here’s why.  On the first day of the Whole30, I did a comprehensive saliva panel through my L.Ac. (licensed acupuncturist) who is also a Functional Medicine practitioner to check: cortisol rhythm, DHEA+DHEA-S/cortisol ratio, SIgA (a salivary mucous that indicates stress effect on digestion), estradoil, progesterone, and testosterone.  If you read a few of my previous posts, you will recall that 6 months ago, my progesterone was a post-menopausal levels, my testosterone was pretty low, and a couple of other issues were brought to light. What we found in this recent panel is that I did indeed have Adrenal Fatigue six months ago.  Watching my nutrition, fitness, stress, receiving regular acupuncture, and a cache of supplements have brought me back to a functioning level; sort of.  My body is healing, but still needs a bit of work.  Currently, my DHEA is almost non-existent, my estradoil and progesterone are within range, but still low, and my SIgA is so low it confirms the excessive levels stress my body has endured.  My L.Ac. (did I mention he is a genius?) and I are meeting tomorrow to...

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Taking On the Whole 30

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I used to eat strict paleo. I used to zone every snack and meal. I used to feel INCREDIBLE. My eating habits began to stray when I got pregnant, and I have used the excuse of the baby still nursing to not dial it back in for over 2 years. You know what? I felt like crap through most of the pregnancy and have been challenged with fatigue and hormone issues for the past 6 months.  All I want for my 36th birthday is to feel amazing again. I take way too many supplements for someone of my age and it’s time for me to dial it back in. While I will not Zone while Sterling is still nursing, I can clean it up. I can commit to Whole 30. My sister encouraged me the other day to give it a try and today a friend of mine was putting out feelers about it on Facebook. I immediately answered the call, and we have devised a challenge that we can take on TOGETHER. Operation Fill My Cup commences on Monday! From October 6th- November 4th, we are doing the WHOLE 30. We know how much of a challenge this truly is, so we are setting up a support system to keep us on track. We are inviting anyone interested to join us. A private group on Facebook is up to share recipes, offer support, and help keep the motivation strong. You can do this from anywhere! If you happen to be in ATX, we are putting together some meet ups for face-to-face support and a little yoga to keep it fresh. Here’s our FREE group: CLICK HERE Ask for an add, comment, or message me to get in on the action! liz@lcrwellness.com...

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August Success Story

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Witnessing the success of my clients tends to get me misty-eyed.  The other week, I walked into my appointment to find a recent client looking FIERCE!  Six weeks ago, a couple of friends of mine sought me out to get lean.  They have been on a solid fitness plan for over a year and were not seeing results.  I gave them some information about nutrition and had them journal their food intake for 6-weeks.  Each week, we would meet, and I would offer new strategies and suggestions for their food choices and supplements.  I am so proud of them.  As the great Gymnastics Coach Tucker says, “The proof is in the pudding.”  While he has chosen to remain anonymous, I cannot share before and after photos. What I can offer is his testimonial that my program, “made [him] aware of what [he] eat[s] and how it affects [his] everyday”. After 6 weeks under my program, he dropped 3.8% body fat (from 23.9% to 20.1%)! These are blood test results before he started my program, and 5 short weeks into my program.  By choosing better options for his body, the inflammatory response was lessened to the point the his cholesterol dropped by 85 mg/dL!  This took him off the red flag list and well into the ideal range!  Additionally, his fasting glucose was scary high when we first started, and by the end of my program, it dropped by 54%, 115 mg/dL!  Not only is he no longer danger close to developing type 2 diabetes, but he’s thinking clearer, more energized at work, and lowered his dose of medication for vertigo. BEFORE Cholesterol, Total: 259 mg/dL  (ideal 125-200) HDL: 68 mg/dL                            (ideal = or >40 mg/dL) Triglycerides: 156 mg/dL           (ideal < 150 mg/dL) LDL: 160 mg/dL                           (ideal <130 mg/dL) CHOL/HDLC Ratio: 3.8              (ideal < or = 5.0) Fasting glucose: 211 mg/dL       (ideal 65-99 mg/dL) Free Testosterone: 221 ng/dL   (ideal 241-827 ng/dL) Hemoglobin A1c: 10.8%             (ideal <5.7%)   AFTER Cholesterol, Total: 174 mg/dL  (ideal 125-200) HDL: 66 mg/dL                           (ideal = or >40 mg/dL) Triglycerides: 120 mg/dL          (ideal < 150 mg/dL) LDL: 84 mg/dL                           (ideal <130 mg/dL) CHOL/HDLC Ratio: 2.6            (ideal < or = 5.0) Fasting glucose: 96 mg/dL        (ideal 65-99 mg/dL) Free Testosterone:...

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The CrossFit "Off-Season" (Pregnancy Induced)

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     As much as I had hoped to continue with modified CrossFit training throughout the pregnancy, my baby and body have decided otherwise.  Due to some back issues and just that gut feeling of “maybe I should chill out”, I stopped all olympic lifting movements at Week 26 and put the barbell away shortly after.  I have been receiving regular prenatal care to include modifying vitamins/minerals/and supplements for the growing baby, network chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, reiki, and massage.  My workouts have shifted to walking (for the first time in my life), swimming, and yoga.  Any resistance training is solely body weight and mild in intensity.  I’m currently at Week 31, and have to admit, my endurance is great and my body has not completely atrophied due to lack of strength training.  For those of you who did/do maintain a CrossFit program throughout pregnancy, great job!      While I am disappointed that I cannot fulfill the role of a CrossFit Prego Success Story, I was looking at my exercise journal and came to a realization.  Other than a week or two off periodically, I had been constantly training, competing, and refocusing my CrossFit goals for well over 3 years.  Even when I ran marathons, I would take a good month off before training for my next race.  I see this forced break as a blessing to let my body take an extended breather and re-calibrate itself for what lies ahead.     My personal CrossFit goals may or may not include re-entering the competitive circuit.  I do intend to reach some target strength and olympic lifting goals while maintaining a balance of family, school, and career...

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Beyond the Goal Setting

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I have written a couple of previous blogs about goal setting.  Events over the past week have made enough of an impression on me to want to share some information beyond a checklist and vision.  Pregnancy has definitely given me a new perspective on goals and achievement.  Just wait until little Hot Shot makes his debut! It is possible to get so wrapped up in tasks and goals that we lose sight of the big picture.  I read an article the other day which mentioned that sometimes we get so fixated on a job that we forget about our career.  Depending on your comfort level with life planning, you may have everything thought out up through retirement.  Others may only be ready to think about 10-years, 5-years, or only 1-year down the road.  Some may not even be able to look past next week.  No worries.  Breathe. Here’s a thought.  When it seems that you are getting tunnel vision on set goals and life tasks or don’t even want to think about them at all, close your eyes and imagine the final moments on your deathbed.  Since this is your own personal thought, let’s just suppose that you have the luxury of choosing your Grand Exit: time, location, people around you, method of exit, etc.  Again, since this is thought is only for you, imagine that your future self is fully content.  You are pleased with all you have done and accomplished.  There are no regrets.  You have achieved ultimate life satisfaction. Now, with that comforting future thought, what have you done?  Did you get that Ph.D?  Start that company?  Did you make amends with your parent, sibling, former best friend?  Have a wonderful, loving family?  Spend a year abroad in meditation?  Qualify for the Boston Marathon?  Feel free to get as wild and out of the box with your (future) accomplishments as your dreams allow.  Don’t hold back.  Let common sense take a back seat here and dream big!  Write them down so you can go back to them whenever you want later. When you think about life as if you have already lived it, unbelievable strength and fortitude can emerge from deep within yourself.  This is especially helpful when going through a tumultuous period in life.  Trust me, I’ve been there.  It can also give you more focus when trying to crunch through a gigantic project.  Before you start, think about it as if you have already completed it.  Consider the steps you had to go through.  This is the ultimate form of backwards planning.  Perhaps some set-backs may arise.  Yep, shit happens; then you change your shorts. The important thing is to keep everything within your...

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Manifesting Your Desires- An Intro to the Chakra System and Goal Achievement

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I am now in my 17th week of pregnancy, and it has had some profound effects on my creativity.  Our brains undergo “rewiring” during pregnancy, and for some reason, the right side of my brain has been experiencing a super-charge!  So far, I have taken up knitting, painting, and a pottery class.  To satisfy my continuing education credits for my massage license, I took a Reiki Level 1 class (Level 2 is coming up soon!). One area of sparked interest for me right now is the Chakra system.  I have had some training in this area during massage school and now with Reiki, but I wanted a better understanding.  I have been exploring a fantastic book by Anodea Judith, Ph.D to become more familiar with this, and found some interesting information to share.  (I highly recommend this book if you want to gain a greater knowledge of this area.) Charka 101-What is it? First of all, chakra, means wheel.  The basic human chakra system is composed of 7 wheel-like energy centers working interdependently to form a union of mind, body, and spirit.  An imbalance in any chakra can affect the others.  One amazing consideration is that each of these charkas correspond to nerve ganglia as well as glands of the endocrine system.  This is not to conclude that they are synonymous to these physiological systems, but is a consideration for health and vitality nonetheless. Starting from the bottom and working up:Chakra 1  (Root), Location- Base of Spine (perineum), Endocrine gland- Adrenals (testes for men), Association- Survival and Physical attainments, Element- Earth, Color- Red Chakra 2 (Sacral), Location- Lower Abdomen (sacrum), Endocrine gland- Reproductive organs, Association- Emotions, Sexuality and Union, Element- Water, Color- Orange Chakra 3 (Solar Plexus), Location- Solar Plexus, Endocrine gland- Pancreas and Adrenals, Association- Personal Power, Will, Self-Esteem, Element- Fire, Color- Yellow Chakra 4 (Heart), Location- Sternum (heart), Endocrine gland- Thymus, Association- Love, Element- Air, Color- Green Chakra 5 (Throat), Location- Throat, Endocrine gland- Thyroid and Parathyroid, Association- Communication and Creativity, Element- Sound, Color- Bright Blue Chakra 6 (Brow), Location- Center of forehead, Endocrine gland- Pineal Gland, Association- Clairvoyance, Intuition and Imagination, Element- Light, Color- Indigo Chakra 7 (Crown), Location- Top of head, Endocrine gland- Pituitary Gland, Association- Knowledge, Understanding and transcendent consciousness, Element-Thought, Color- Violet/White I could expand further on this, but it would take pages beyond what a blog reader would appreciate.  Now for the really cool part: Chakras and Goal Achievement. As stated earlier, these chakras work interdependently of each other.  How?  They are like gears on a watch, as one turns, the next turns in the opposing direction, and so on.  Two currents of energy have been shown to represent this flow through...

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