The Summer Sizzle Seminar Series (S4)

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I am so excited to offer a seminar series out of my new office location! The first in the S4 series is Hormone Balancing 101. Here are the details: $10 entry fee will automatically submit you for a drawing for a FREE bottle of Young Living Essential Oils​.     WHO: You! WHAT: Learn the basics of leveling out your body’s hormones with food, supplements, essential oils, breathing, and movement. This is an ideal introductory class for: new moms, athletes seeking to improve performance, anyone looking to shed a few pounds, those interested in holistic wellness and disease prevention. WHERE: 3008 Bee Caves Rd, ATX 78746 WHEN: 6/14 at 3pm RSVP: to me at or on the FB event page HERE   Wishing you best in...

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2014 Summer Must-Haves for the Active Mom

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Like most moms in ATX, I like to get us out and get moving!  Sterling often accompanies me to the gym at CrossFit Austin, we love to hit up local watering holes and splash pads as well as playdates, playgrounds, and just exploring. Here’s a list of items that I normally have on-hand or in the car  (beyond the basics of diapers, wipes, change of clothes, etc) to get us through the day. 1. HYDRATION is absolutely key to beating the Texas heat.  Regardless of the BPA status of whatever plastic bottles are on the market, you can’t beat glass or metal.  Sterling loves his Klean Kanteen that’s available in most outdoor stores and some grocery stores. 2. Summer SKINCARE is a non-negotiable.  I like to consider myself a crunchy mom in that we avoid nasty chemicals in our food and on our bodies as much as possible.  This includes leaving the parabens, oxybenzone, and other toxins on the shelves at the store.  Products by Garden Goddess Organics are my top picks for our family.  They use minerals in lieu of nasty chemicals.  I normally get ours at Whole Foods. 3. (HEAT-PROOF) SNACK attacks are the worst if you’re not prepared.  Every busy mom knows that keeping something in the purse or diaper bag can be the difference between a complete meltdown and a happily munching toddler.  These treats can stand the heat in case they stay in the diaper bag for a couple of days.  Our #1 favorite these days is the Larabar ALT bar.  These pea-based protein bars are part of non-GMO project, vegan, dairy free, and gluten free.  While not considered paleo, I like the clean source of protein, and piece of mind that the Little Bear isn’t going to go into insulin shock like with most kids’ snacks.  Most important, the kiddo loves ’em!  Flavors include, Peanut Butter Cookie, Lemon Pound Cake, Pumpkin Pie, Cinnamon Apple Crisp, and two new flavors: Chocolate Chip Macaroon and Chocolate Peanut Butter. 4. SWIMWEAR.  While our days are relatively planned out before we leave the house, we have had an occasional opportunity to get in some random water fun.  I tend to keep a swimsuit for the baby (and sometimes myself) just in case.  I favor the iplay Ultimate Swim Diaper Board Shorts.  Super cute! 5. Baby TRANSPORTATION.  Be it a stroller, Ergo Carrier, sling, or wrap, keeping something in my car has come in super handy when his little legs need a rest.  This is especially important when exploring on foot or attending one of the many festivals and events in our area.  Here’s a pic of me and the little bear out an about in one of our local greenbelts...

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A Remarkable Healing

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I would like to share a quick story of the amazing qualities of therapeutic grade essential oils.  First of all, what does that mean?  When you go to the store to buy essential oils, most of them have “100% Pure” on the label.  All that means by regulation is that there is 5% of the actual oil.  The remaining 95% can be carrier oil, chemical synthetics, fragrance, and other fillers.  Additionally, it may not be from an organic source.  In order to get a truly potent, organic, unadulterated product, the label must read “therapeutic grade”.  (Read the labels as some blended oils are presented in a carrier oil.)  I am more than happy to do the Pepsi challenge with my oils from Young Living any store-bought brand.  No comparison! There is a company which claims to have the only Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) oils.  What does this mean?  The answer: nothing; it’s merely a registered trademark to the company.  (You can read more about this HERE.)  There is no third party testing to make these oils superior to other brands offering therapeutic grade. Getting back on track, I want to tell you about my friend who has a profound love of animals and is one hell of a veterinarian.  The other day, she was visiting with a new patient.  After carefully evaluating the situation before the exam, she asked the owner if the dog needed a muzzle (to which the owner said, “no”).  After a 15 minute check-up, she was kneeling to the dog’s side and when she stood up to leave, the dog snapped at her and bit her on the face.  One bite, and he let go.  My friend immediately left the room and an ambulance was called.  Here’s what she looked like right after the bite. 200 stitches later, this was the initial reconstruction. I contacted her a few days later to offer some therapeutic grade assistance.  I have extensive training in Clinical Aromatherapy and years of experience using these products.  She was still in a bit of pain, some of the skin was dying, and she was concerned about the healing process as well as imminent scarring.  I was 100% confident that what I had to offer would help her immensely.  I brought her therapeutic grade: Helichrysum (Helichrysum italicum) which has amazing properties for skin cell regeneration, reduces scarring, and helps with pain.  This is a must have for big cuts.  Product info HERE. Melaleuca (Melaleuca alternifolia), or tea tree, oil which has anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, antimicrobial, calming, and sedative properties that are so potent, the Australian Army issued it to their Soldiers in WWII.  More info HERE.This Rose Ointment by Young Living is incredible.  When...

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