What it takes to compete elite…. (with a twist)

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Two years into my CrossFit journey I thought I had tried everything to get my PR’s.  I was eating strict paleo and during the 2011 Sectionals, finally succumbed to The Zone.  I had read article after article revealing the amazing body transformations and gained strength from elite nutrition.  I was leaner and faster, but my strength was still lacking.  I asked Lisa Bender Thiel what she was taking after she came in 3rd at the 2011 South Central Regionals.  “Crack,” she replied.  I had watched her the previous year get stuck on her head at Regionals and wanted to try whatever she had done to improve.  After the 2011 CF Regionals, Bigg Dave put me on his Meathead Maddness strength building protocol.  Some of the other CFCP competitors were put on the same plan.  We were his pilot study for his exclusive SuperStrong program.  I was motivated, disciplined, and ready to become a freak.  After 12 weeks, my PR’s were hardly more than a five pound gain.  Granted I could throw medium-to-heavy weight better, I still wasn’t experiencing that amazing breakthrough.  Frustrated and feeling defeated, I finally decided to add Advocare supplements. No shit, the first time I took Catalyst, I did my first strict hand stand push ups (two in a row!).  Things got better for a little bit.  I was definitely feeling stronger.  My body eventually became accustomed to the supplements, and I needed to increase.  I finally started seeing real gains when, won’t you believe it, I was on a $200 a month supplement regimen.  That’s right.  Despite years of hard work, it wasn’t until I started throwing down on pills and shakes that I saw the results I wanted.  I was very excited to get the big girl weights over my head.  But, I was also pissed off and irritated.  That’s the secret?!  Timing Muscle Strength, Catalyst, coconut oil, SFH recovery protein, SFH Super Omega-3 Oil, Muscle Gain and Nighttime Recovery= Elite CrossFitter?!?!  I could have started on this stuff three years ago and not gone through the agony of years of intense training with limited results.  At the same time, there was some serious value in watching my gains come so fast after so many years of struggle.  I no longer feel that the “elite” are blessed with mutant strength and wicked skills.  Most of them have mastered the chemistry of supplements.  So for those of you out there who are so awe-struck and inspired by watching the elite, give Advocare a try.  You may find what you’ve been looking for. Enter Irony, stage left.  The 2012 CrossFit Cedar Park team was ready to take on Regionals and kick some ass.  Our team was...

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