Who Will You Be?

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I recently had the privilege of being cast in a commercial for Dick’s Sporting Goods.  I was the “pull up girl”.  Instead of being on the comfortable rig at CrossFit Austin, I used a rickety pull up system with a squishy and narrow grip.  Because of the set-up, I could only do strict pull ups, no kipping. Despite the filming taking place during my CrossFit moratorium, I had a total blast. I managed to crank out so many pull ups that I was sore for three days.  Although I was doing the work by myself, I was surrounded by cameras and the crew.  All eyes were on me, and because of that, I could push myself well beyond my limits.  Towards the end of the commercial, you see me grunting; quite loudly.  That grunt was completely authentic to my effort. Despite the fact that I had not really done pull ups in over a month, despite the fact that my adrenals were still on the mend, I could still find a way to dig deep and give my all. This commercial in itself is very well done and chock-full-o-motivation.  For me, getting to see how I pulled out a good show and left everything I had on that bar makes all the difference. I know that there is still fight left in me.  I will breathe fire again. This year I chose to not participate in the CrossFit Open.  I left my ego at the door and am back to the beginning to focus on form and technique while I get my lungs back to Fran-tastic condition. The words in this commercial ring true in my ears and spark fresh motivation.  Who will you be?  Get after it and find out.  I’ll see you at the finish line. For your viewing pleasure:   Wishing you best in...

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I Took 45 Days Off CrossFit- Here’s What Happened

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To understand this better, I need to back up a bit.  I was introduced to CrossFit in 2009 by some colleagues in the Texas Army National Guard at Camp Mabry in Austin.  I was instantly hooked, but didn’t really drink the Kool-Aid until 2010.  After altering my diet from a sprouting vegan to paleo, then zone-paleo, then adding TONS of supplements, my effort in the gym finally started showing progress.  My lifts were getting stronger, my body was faster and meaner, and I was a woman on fire.  By spring 2012, I was on the CrossFit Cedar Park team for the South Central Regionals, and we did really well (came in 5th overall).  A few days before Regionals, I found out I was pregnant.  After the competition, I slowed way down in the gym and even took a pregnancy-induced break.  One month after the baby was born, I was back on the barbell.  I wanted to be a post-baby success story and show that women can come back stronger after birth.  I did manage to get my strength up pretty quick, but with everything else going on in my life, my body couldn’t take the intensity of CrossFit the way it had previously.  After many months of altering and modifying, I made the command decision to take an extended break from CrossFit: this time for me.  So, from November 2014 until a few weeks ago, I put my gym membership on hold and focused on more restorative work.  I mostly did yoga, a small amount of light and strict work with weights, and a touch of jogging.   Here’s one of my latest Instagram pics demonstrating that crazy flexibility Pose of the week with @blackswanyoga #pigeon #yogamomma #yogaforrealpeople #yogaeverydamnday #bestinhealth #fitfluential #hotpink #strongisthenewskinny #nofilter #blackswanyoga #posseoftheweek A photo posted by Liz Collura-Rosenberg (@lcrwellness) on Dec 16, 2014 at 1:57pm PST   After spending the past month and a half focusing on yoga and restorative work, I have returned to the gym.  Similar to the post-partum, my body has changed yet again.  My body, mostly in my hamstrings and psoas, is much more flexible.  When returning to training and Olympic lifting, flexibility without the strength to support it can be dangerous.  I did some moderate weight back squats my first week.  My lower back hurt for awhile.   Because I don’t want to break myself, I sought out a specialist in this field.  I need someone to re-introduce my body to the demands of Olympic lifts and strength training.  That’s why I’m working with Aaron Davis from Train Adapt Evolve (co-located with CrossFit Austin). Once again, I am back at the beginning.  Just because I’m flexible doesn’t mean that my body is...

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Whole30: FIN and Beyond

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Here we are, Day 29 of the Whole30.  While I may have seen this challenge as more of an annoyance than a difficulty, I admit that I am glad I did it.  As I stated earlier, I have not been strict with my eating since becoming pregnant in the Spring of 2012.  Goat cheese, gluten free treats, and other non-Paleo items had snuck into my normal life, and it was time to clean up for sure.  I made it the past 30 days adhering to the Whole30 program: no grains, legumes, dairy (butter was out, but ghee was allowed), alcohol, added sweetener (fruit juice sweetened items were ok), or paleo baked treats of any sort.  The Whole30 has really emphasized that it truly STARTS with food, but there is much more to lasting vitality and health. In my opinion, a healthy balance in life considers Stress, Sleep, Nutrition, Physical Activity, Socialization, and Spirituality.  (In the interest of my considerations, Stress includes all contributors such as work, family, education, responsibilities, etc. as well as stress-mitigation, relaxation, and recuperation)  I’ve got my Nutrition dialed in, we are working on improving my Sleep, Physical Activity is still tapering if needed, and Socialization has definitely taken an up-turn.  I want to work more on my Stress management skills and Spirituality, which from my perspective go hand-in-hand.  Kundalini yoga was the perfect outlet for me, but it is currently a challenge to make the scheduled times during the week. Back to my post-Whole30 thoughts.  I have definitely leaned out, and am feeling a bit better, but not feeling fierce by any means.  Here’s why.  On the first day of the Whole30, I did a comprehensive saliva panel through my L.Ac. (licensed acupuncturist) who is also a Functional Medicine practitioner to check: cortisol rhythm, DHEA+DHEA-S/cortisol ratio, SIgA (a salivary mucous that indicates stress effect on digestion), estradoil, progesterone, and testosterone.  If you read a few of my previous posts, you will recall that 6 months ago, my progesterone was a post-menopausal levels, my testosterone was pretty low, and a couple of other issues were brought to light. What we found in this recent panel is that I did indeed have Adrenal Fatigue six months ago.  Watching my nutrition, fitness, stress, receiving regular acupuncture, and a cache of supplements have brought me back to a functioning level; sort of.  My body is healing, but still needs a bit of work.  Currently, my DHEA is almost non-existent, my estradoil and progesterone are within range, but still low, and my SIgA is so low it confirms the excessive levels stress my body has endured.  My L.Ac. (did I mention he is a genius?) and I are meeting tomorrow to...

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CrossFit and Kundalini?!?

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If you have been following my posts, you’ll know that I was really getting into competing in CrossFit when I became pregnant with my baby boy.  I stayed active throughout my pregnancy, and kept my diet relatively clean.  After the natural birth of my little bear, I took appropriate time to rest, and slowing reintroduced CrossFit back into my fitness regimen.  While it may look like I “bounced back” on the outside, my body underwent significant changes from pregnancy and childbirth.  I never quite felt like my “old” self, but have learned to embrace the “new and improved” version as a result of mommyhood.  Sterling is 18 months, and is still nursing a bit.  Relaxin still flows through my veins, I cannot Zone, and I cannot get on a super-pumped supplement plan.  My body is experiencing a crazy shift in hormones, and I am very sensitive to the changes. My girlfriend, Andrea, was in a town a couple of weeks ago.  I love Andrea.  We have this amazing bond and though we only see each other every few years, we always pick up right where we left off.  We can talk for hours in comfort and stay focused on our conversations.  Not to mention, she’s hilarious!  During one of our chats, she told me about how she has added a Kundalini Yoga practice to her life. What enticed me was when she said that it not only works directly on your nervous system, but also on the endocrine system (HELLO HORMONES!!).  The morning before I took her to the airport for the next leg of her travels, we hit up Yoga Yoga for a Kundalini class with DeLora.  It rocked my world.  I knew DeLora from the Austin Area Birthing Center, so it felt like a good transition into the new practice. I have been doing Kundalini for about a month, and I’m hooked.  I’d like to share why I feel Kundalini Yoga fits in a CrossFit lifestyle.  Keep in mind, I’m a newbie, and may mess up a few of these terms. 1. You have to “go there” in your mind.  As many CrossFit workouts push you to keep a continuous pace for a specified amount of time, Kundalini includes kriyas (exercise movements) that generally last 3-7 minutes straight.  You have to relax your body except for the parts engaged and keep them moving with fluidity and purpose to get the endocrine system going.  There is a lot of focus on breath and mantras.  What I have found during many of these is that just as I start to feel that burn and desire to quit, a clarity blossoms in my mind.  A shift happens in my thinking.  I...

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Eating Clean, Supplementing Clean

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As many of you know, I support eating a clean diet.  This means minimally processed foods, local and organic produce, clean meats, and good fats.  I avoid harmful ingredients such as nitrites, nitrates, Genetically Modifed Organisms (GMOs), artificial additives, and trans fats.   A lot of CrossFitters rely on supplements to help get strong and fast.  These include branched-chain amino acids, caffeinated vitamin drinks, post-workout protein shakes, and omega-3 fatty acids.I try to read labels and be an informed consumer.  It recently came to my attention, that my prefered supplement company includes several products made with corn and soy and does not test for GMOs.  I do not know your personal stance on consuming Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), but there is substantial evidence that it is harmful to our health.  If not the modification itself, the fact that GMO crops are either bred to be resistant to harsh pesticides (Round-Up Ready soy and canola) or contain them (corn) results in our consumption of elevated levels of toxic pesticides.  The most recent long-term study in France showed an elevated incidence of cancer and infertility among other health problems in the group that ate a GMO diet.  Here’s an article on the study:http://rt.com/news/monsanto-rats-tumor-france-531/ I did a little research on the supplements I was taking and was concerned about GMO content in the products.  The response was disappointing, and I will no longer be supporting AdvoCare.  Instead, my money will go to companies who are dedicated to the non-GMO project such as Garden of Life and Metabolic Response Modifiers.  For more companies, look here Non-GMO Project, they even have an App for IPhone and Android!This is the response e-mail I got from AdvoCare Distributor Support:Subject: RE: GMO Product IngredientsDate: Wed, 21 Aug 2013 14:09:02 +0000 Hello,Thank you for your email. Genetically modified organism crops (GMO) are not only approved as safe and effective by the FDA and the USDA but in official regulatory terms they are identical to standard versions. In fact while these foods have been on the market for twenty years, for the past ten years, 90% of all the top ten crops consumed in America have been from GMO stock.In the opinion of the FDA and USDA, the agencies charged with food safety in the USA, genetically engineered foods have passed the most stringent levels of scientific study and safety analysis the resulting foods are every bit as safe as, in fact identical to any others. These conclusions have been supported by oversight groups such as the CDC and the Institute of Medicine. Since AdvoCare operates under the advisory guidance of these authorized bodies we use ingredients they say are safe and effective. No compelling, scientifically valid evidence has been brought forth to challenge...

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The CrossFit "Off-Season" (Pregnancy Induced)

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     As much as I had hoped to continue with modified CrossFit training throughout the pregnancy, my baby and body have decided otherwise.  Due to some back issues and just that gut feeling of “maybe I should chill out”, I stopped all olympic lifting movements at Week 26 and put the barbell away shortly after.  I have been receiving regular prenatal care to include modifying vitamins/minerals/and supplements for the growing baby, network chiropractic adjustments, acupuncture, reiki, and massage.  My workouts have shifted to walking (for the first time in my life), swimming, and yoga.  Any resistance training is solely body weight and mild in intensity.  I’m currently at Week 31, and have to admit, my endurance is great and my body has not completely atrophied due to lack of strength training.  For those of you who did/do maintain a CrossFit program throughout pregnancy, great job!      While I am disappointed that I cannot fulfill the role of a CrossFit Prego Success Story, I was looking at my exercise journal and came to a realization.  Other than a week or two off periodically, I had been constantly training, competing, and refocusing my CrossFit goals for well over 3 years.  Even when I ran marathons, I would take a good month off before training for my next race.  I see this forced break as a blessing to let my body take an extended breather and re-calibrate itself for what lies ahead.     My personal CrossFit goals may or may not include re-entering the competitive circuit.  I do intend to reach some target strength and olympic lifting goals while maintaining a balance of family, school, and career...

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