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I believe that many conditions can be repaired and corrected within ourselves.  Facilitating your body’s healing through the CranioSacral system is my core intent.  In order to ensure your body is receiving its optimum level of support, I promote a model of wellness with holistic nutrition, physical activity, meditation, and balance.

My Journey

Three words: Experience, Compassion, and Empathy


Client Testimonials


“Being present for myself has been difficult as a Veteran with PTSD/TBI. Being mindful and allowing the process to follow “SER” has allowed me to be comfortable in my thoughts and my body, many steps closer to feeling Honor once again for the service I did. Suffering,anger,pain is being met and recognized with out judgement,my curiosity guides me to healing. This is a very easy step in being honest with myself and my suffering. Which I allowed healing to manifest itself in my body through “SER”. Those seeking recovery do so without judgement of any sort. Be Mindful meet your pain with curiosity and know that you are not alone…”- M.V., SPC, US Army, OIF veteran

“I’m better off today than what I was yesterday and 6 weeks ago. I don’t feel as ‘unbalanced’ all around as I previously experienced… The weekly structured sessions of reviewing our logs was / is super beneficial.” – Rho R.

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Acknowledging the Pain to Heal

When we consider the concept of evolution, we often think about change happening over generations.  We look at Darwin’s work meticulously charting changes in beak size and other factors that can help a species adapt to their surroundings.  We debate over whether the digestive tract of the human body has evolved to adequately process the increased consumption of grains...

Reaching the Invisible Wounds

Everyone knows the cliché about holding emotions in our bodies. The most common one is, “I carry my stress in my shoulders”. What if I told you that emotions tied with a physical, mental, or spiritual trauma can remain in the visceral body? This can be from both acute (that one firefight in Mosul) or chronic (the day in...

The Control Touch- From Helicopters to the Craniosacral System

In aviation, a pilot’s control touch can be the difference between a smooth ride and a bumpy one.  Flying helicopters requires a certain type of finesse.  Back in flight school, the Instructor Pilots (IP) used a lot of similar cues to teach us how to fly.  The one that has been coming to mind recently is how minute our control...

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